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The Gaian Otherworld is a secret place at the centre of the Earth where the great goddess Gaia rested after she created this world. When the ancient gods left to create more worlds, she left her beloved dragons there to protect the Earth until she returned.

Relationships are prohibited between the fae clans - but then the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest and hardest to obtain.

From the moment Ruben first catches sight of Allura she captivates him until he is willing to risk everything to possess her.

Her touch inflames him, releasing more than just white-hot passion when his hidden dragon emerges to claim his fated mate. All rules are burnt to ash.

Take a heart-stopping plunge into a hidden magical kingdom.

Dragons of Destiny:

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Love, blood, seduction, dragons...

Evanora’s soul was broken by her long years in captivity, until Darius started to fit the pieces back together again.

Some fragments no long fit, some slotted into a different position, but the woman who emerged was stronger and more powerful than anyone ever imagined – the Gaian enchantress.

Sometimes love was the most powerful and dangerous magic...

Dragons of Fate:

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Dragons of Chaos will release in April 2019